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by Gary Paulsen

Brian Robinsonís Mom and Dad are divorced. For the summer, he lives with his Dad, and with his Mom during the school year. It is summer, so he is going to his Dadís. In the book, the pilot lets him drive the airplane. Then the pilot has a heart attack. After he findís out what happened, he constantly yells in the microphone, thinking he will die any second. Then he thinks about his Mom giving him the hatchet with the leather pouch. After the crash, he finds a pile of boulders. So, he decides to make a house out of them. He starts building. After he is done he goes to the lake and looks at his Reflection. He looks at his self thinking about his Bloody and scabby hair and his swollen face. He splashes the water with his fist. Then he goes back to the house and Takes the hatchet and throws it at the wall. It makes some spark. He saw the spark. So he makes a fire the next day he finds a patch of raspberries. He tried some, and they were Sour. So he goes to the find more. The next day, he goes to the sour raspberry patch and sees a bear. He goes back to his house to lie down and he lieís his leg on a porcupine. The porcupine runís out and Brian pullís out the needles. The next day he thinks about his beeper in his bookbag. So he decides to dive down to the plane and almost gagged When he saw the skeleton of the pilot. He saw the bag and grabbed it. He goes to the surface. He looks in the bag And he finds food and the beeper and beeps his dad. Sooner or later the Coast Guard comes and he lives to be An old man.